Saturday, September 13, 2008

Drupal module, Quran 6.x-2.1 is out!


Finally I released the next version of Quran module for Drupal 6.4. These are the changes:

- Now it cares about localization (locale module). Ambiguous old locale setting is now changed into browser language.
- Searching in Arabic!
- Minor fixing of misspelled words
- All database are now can be imported automatically in UTF8.
- There are one translation: Indonesian language. To others, please contribute too.
- There is an info about amount of searching result

It took a quite time to handle CVS problem (more than 4 hours). I misread the CVS instruction. May be I should use git to access this CVS. :D

I've just released the new version for Drupal 5 with the same features...... and Drupal 6 (yes, another new version) for one small feature: Localization by i18n module.

Enjoy the new version!!!


mhafidz said...

Assalamualaikum w.w Ichsan, Im planning to use your Quran module on one of my drupal sites soon. May I know if the translation source is reliable ? Im sure my site members will need clarifications on that matter.

Anyways ... I will give my feedback on the module later. Keep on sharing ok .. all the best for you.

Siti said...

whoaaa.... ternyata dikau sendiri yang membuat modul ini...

Mudah2an jadi amal jariyah ya...

Ichsan said...

mhafidz, sorry for being late to answer you. The source is from popular zekr project which I believe, it has valid source. Just go to the site.