Saturday, September 13, 2008

Drupal module, Quran 6.x-2.1 is out!


Finally I released the next version of Quran module for Drupal 6.4. These are the changes:

- Now it cares about localization (locale module). Ambiguous old locale setting is now changed into browser language.
- Searching in Arabic!
- Minor fixing of misspelled words
- All database are now can be imported automatically in UTF8.
- There are one translation: Indonesian language. To others, please contribute too.
- There is an info about amount of searching result

It took a quite time to handle CVS problem (more than 4 hours). I misread the CVS instruction. May be I should use git to access this CVS. :D

I've just released the new version for Drupal 5 with the same features...... and Drupal 6 (yes, another new version) for one small feature: Localization by i18n module.

Enjoy the new version!!!