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Using pg_standby for high availability of Postgresql

PostgreSQL is a famous database server which can be compared with Oracle or any other commercial database servers. It is said that Postgresql doesn't care about replication because Postgresql wants to focus. But fortunately there is a simple opensource solution to this. Which is called pg_standby.

Pg Standby is used as a simple way to make PostgreSQL highly available. To make this short, I'll start the tutorial which I've been created from many scattered sites (it's really hard to find how to use pg_standby for me)

Condition: I used Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy) 64-bit, PostgreSQL 8.2 (If you're using version 8.3 or more, just skip the following installation steps). Please make sure that both servers (or workstations) installed using the same Linux version (the same distro, release and architecture. e.g. Ubuntu 8.04 i386)

For now on, we'll do these steps in primary server.

1. Install required packages to create PostgreSQL binary for Debian
sudo …